• Radek Neužil


    • Member of the Audit Committee from June 4, 2019, Chairman of Audit Committee from June 27, 2019, born on March 22, 1970, residing at Chmelnice 2789/45, Brno - Líšeň, Post Code 628 00
  • Michal Brandejs


    • Member of the Audit Committee from December 8, 2015, Vice-chairman of Audit Committee from June 20, 2018, born on February 21, 1967, residing at Bartákova 1109/34,, Praha 4, Post Code 140 00
  • Michal Krejčík


    • Member of the Audit Committee from June 4, 2018, born on January 4, 1978, residing at Tryskovická 1015/21, Praha 9 - Čakovice, PSČ 196 00

The Audit Committee’s scope is in matters regarding the assessment of the effectiveness of the company internal inspections, the procedure of drafting the financial statements and consolidated financial statements and the process of the mandatory audit. The Audit Committee shall have 3 members, who shall be elected and dismissed by the General Meeting. The Committee shall meet as it finds it appropriate, usually once in a trimester, but no less than 4 times per calendar year. The Audit Committee´s status and authority are stated in Articles 27 – 33 of the company's Articles of Associaton.