Digital television O2 TV

You will not get bored with us. Feature-packaged O2 TV satisfy wide range of audience – sport fans, film buffs and kids. Enter to the future of the television with us.

Time-shift viewing and recording
Time-shift viewing and recording

You can watch your favorite program up to 7 days retrospectively and record up to 100 hours of content.

Exclusive sport
Exclusive sport

Only on O2 TV you can find the Champions League, Premier League, the 1st Czech football and hockey league.


You can watch on any device such as TV set, computer, tablet or mobile. Enjoy your favourite channel wherever you are.


You are free to change your tariff at any time.

O2 TV Tariffs

O2 TV Bronzová
30 HD channels
Sports channel O2 TV Sport
Movie channels
299 CZK/month
O2 TV Stříbrná
49 HD channels
Sports channels O2 TV Sport, Football, Tennis
Movie channels
Adult channel
449 CZK/month
O2 TV Zlatá
60 HD channels
Sports channels O2 TV Sport, Football, Tennis
All movie channels
Adult channels
749 CZK/month

Sports tariffs

O2 TV Sport Pack online

O2 TV Leagues
O2 TV Sport

You buy and you watch straight away
Matches in Multidimension
199 CZK for 30 days
199 CZK for 30 days
O2 TV HBO a Sport Pack

O2 TV Leagues
O2 TV Sport

You buy and you watch straight away
Matches in Multidimension
299 CZK for 30 days
299 CZK for 30 days
You pay every 30 days CZK 199 or CZK 299 depending on the service selection. Tariff is limited to one device and can be canceled at any time. All prices include VAT. More information in the price list.

Improve your O2 TV with our packages


Watch O2 TV on up to 3 devices at the same time

rodinné sledování

If you have O2 TV and you wish to watch broadcasts on 3 different devices at the same time.

100 CZK/month

5 film channels including HBO GO and CINEMAX

  HBO  HBO 2  HBO 3  cinemax cinemax2

Extend your O2 TV Bronze or O2 TV Silver tariffs.

200 CZK/month

11 channels in foreign languages


Bundle of 11 channels in foreign languages with the O2 TV Bronze and Silver tariffs.

100 CZK/month

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How to watch digital television O2 TV


Detailed information about O2 TV

Conditions and prices

You can get O2 TV with any television set (classical CRT television, newer LCD, plasma television, LED television). The only necessity is for the TV set to have a SCART or HDMI interface. Older types of TV sets have a SCART interface, newer TV sets usually have both inputs.

You can order O2 TV even if you don't have home internet from O2.

Regular monthly payments for O2 TV

  O2 TV Bronzová O2 TV stříbrná O2 TV zlatá
Monthly fee CZK 299 CZK 449 CZK 749
Monthly fee for a set-top box (60 months) CZK 69 CZK 69 CZK 69

Prices are with VAT. The fee for the set-top box can be paid as a one-off payment or in monthly installments without a price increase.

O2 TV tariffs are without commitment.

You need to have a set-top box from O2 to use O2 TV. Only with an O2 set-top box we can guarantee quality and corresponding usage of the service. Therefore, it is not possible to use different set-top boxes.

You can change the O2 TV tariff (i.e. the channel offer) in 30 days from the last change at the earliest. We process the tariff change within 24 hours.

Add-on bundles with O2 TV

Rodinné sledování
(Family watching)
CZK 100/month You can watch O2 TV on up to 3 devices at the same time.
Programový balíček Kino (Cinema bundle) CZK 200/month HBO HD, HBO2 HD, HBO3 HD, HBO OD, HBO Go, Cinemax HD, Cinemax2 HD
Programový balíček Svět (World bundle) CZK 100/month Russkiy Bestseller, Moolt, TV1000 Ruskoe Kino, VTV 1, VTV 3, Netviet VT10, RTL, RTL II, VOX, TVP Polonia, TVE, RAI 1

You can order an add-on bundle of TV channels for a minimum of 30 days.

One-off payments with O2 TV activation

Activation CZK 99
Installation CZK 99 with a self-installing package
CZK 399, if you choose installation by a technician

Prices are with VAT.

Majority of our customers install O2 TV themselves using a so called self-installing package. It includes a set-top box, all the needed manuals, and a contact for technical support specialists, who are ready to help you to set up the set at any time.

An installation by a technician includes a complete set up of the modem and set-top box and O2 TV setting on your TV set.

Options to get the set with internet and a set-top box

We now provide a small and inconspicuous set-top box – O2 TV will work properly only with this type of set-top box.

You can choose form two types of modems with O2 TV:

O2 Smart Box CZK 99 per month or CZK 5 940 in a one-off payment
Basic modem CZK 69 per month or CZK 4 140 in a one-off payment

Availability of O2 TV in the European Union

The O2 TV service is available all around the European Union for O2 customers with a permanent address in the Czech Republic. If you are temporarily in the EU, you can watch your favorite channels on your mobile, tablet, or a computer.

Internet speed when watching O2 TV

Co-running of O2 TV and internet is handled by a so-called flexi regime. It ensures the maximum possible internet speed and at the same time prefect picture and sound of O2 TV. When watching TV, the flexi regime can temporarily decrease your internet speed by approximately 3.5 Mb/s (1x SD channel) or 7 Mb/s (1x HD channel). Once the set-top box is turned off, the internet connection speed is returned to the original figure again.

Terms and conditions of usage

Tariffs for home usage are designed especially for personal use and your own personal need. The O2 TV service with these tariffs therefore cannot be used in any form for public production or be made public and any publicly accessible location (restaurant, waiting room, reception, accommodation, casino, salon, fitness center, or similar centers, etc.).

Public production means making the service accessible to a group of people with whom you do not share a household. We have an option to check the O2 TV set-top box location and if these terms and conditions of usage are infringed, we have the right to limit, interrupt, or even cancel the O2 TV service.

What about Multidimension

MD/multidimension represents a new way of watching O2 TV, the first non-linear television in the Czech Republic, which thanks to its functions makes it possible for the viewers to fully control their TV content. Instead of passive watching based on the TV program, the viewers can enter TV multidimension. It makes it possible to watch several sports channels at the same time, to switch among different cameras, to pause or rewind anything, and to switch among different language versions.

Description of functions

A selection of matches – Choose, which of the concurrently played matches, you will watch
In case of selected sports competitions (e.g. Champions League) where more matches are played at the same time, all the matches are broadcast. If two different competitions happen at the same time (e.g. a tennis WTA tournament and a football match), you can choose, which broadcast you wish to follow. At any moment you can choose the match, you wish to watch right then.

More camera angles – Watch the match from the view that suits you the most
In case of Czech football league matches, you can switch among different cameras and watch the match from the view that interests you the most.

Watch where you want
You can enjoy the benefits of multidimension on your huge TV set in your living room as well as on your tablet, mobile or notebook.

Timeshift – Watch programs that were on already

You can watch any program or film up to seven days after it was broadcast.

  • You will never miss a thing anymore.
  • No matter where you turn the TV on, you can always find a program that you will be interested in, because you have a chance to watch hundreds for programs that were on at all the channels in the last seven days.
  • You can stop the viewing if you get disturbed by something, or you can simply rewind it back by a few minutes, if you for example miss the start of the film.

Frequently asked questions about Multidimension

At which channel does Multidimension work?
Multidimension works on O2 TV Sport, O2 TV Tenis, and O2 TV Fotbal channels.

How do I switch the TV to a concurrently played match or a different camera?
Go to an O2 TV Sport, O2 TV Tenis, or O2 TV Fotbal channels. The screen will display a “mosaic” of matches/cameras. Using arrows and the OK button you can switch among concurrently played matches and camera angles. You can go back to the “mosaic” using the “BACK” button.

I am on the O2 TV Sport channel and the “mosaic” has not popped up.
Try to go to a different channel and then go back to the O2 TV Sport channel. If this does not help, try to restart your set-top box.

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