Call Waiting

Talk on your phone without worrying about missing an important call. Activate the Call Waiting service and you will be notified whenever you have an incoming call.

If you're talking to somebody on the phone and somebody else calls you, Call Waiting:

  • Plays a recording for the new caller, informing them that you are on the phone and asking them to please hold.
  • Alerts you with a short beep and displays the incoming caller's name or phone number on your display.
  • Lets you put the first person on hold and accept the call from the second party. You can then switch between the two - easily and at will.
  • Lets you forward the incoming call to your voice mail (if you don't want to answer it).
  • Gives you the option of having incoming calls automatically disconnected (after a short time) if you don't accept them or forward them to your voice mail.
  • Tells you that you missed a call if you did not accept it.


You can activate Call Waiting free of charge.

Switching off and on, checking the status

This service is automatically activated for all new O2 customers and for a large majority of current customers. If Call Waiting is activated, you can either use your phone's menu system or the network codes listed below to switch the service on and off and check its status.

Controlling the service in your phone's menu

Most phones allow you to easily operate the Call Waiting service using your phone's menu system. The names of the menus vary according to the manufacturer. For specific instructions, please consult your manual.

Controlling the service with network codes

Switch on - *43# - press the call button 
Switch off - #43# - press the call button 
Check status - *#43# - press the call button

When you're talking on the phone and another call comes in, you can use the following codes:

Refuse the incoming call - 0 - press the call button 
Finish your current call and accept the new one - 1 - press the call button 
Hold your current call and accept the new one - 2 - press the call button 
Switch between the calls - 2 - press the call button.

Pricing information

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