Set up your O2 Spolu bundle. You can now get for example unlimited data

Set up your own advantageous bundle

Set up your own advantageous bundle

Your O2 Spolu bundle
Without the advantageous O2 Spolu bundle
+ Samsung TV for - CZK

Do you wish to get an offer for 5 to 6 members?

We prepare a tailor-made bundle for you.

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Mobile tariff

Mobile tariff

Tarif with calls, text messages and plenty of data for every member of your family.

Additional benefits with each tariff

  • Spotify Premium free for three months
  • Credit for digital O2 Library
  • O2 benefits
Internet HD

Internet HD

Improved internet, thanks to which you can enjoy your surfing even more. Now with a discount of CZK 100.

Benefits of Home Internet

  • Availability at 99% of addresses
  • On-line videos in a cinematic quality
  • Extra strong wi-fi
  • Household security
  • O2 virtual technician


Digital television with many channels, the only one that offers the entire Champions League

O2 TV benefits

  • The option of retrospective viewing for up to 7 days
  • The option to record for up to 30 days
  • Selection of matches

Detailed information about O2 Spolu

Terms and conditions

It is necessary for all tariffs and O2 TV that are included in O2 Spolu to be registered with one customer.

The offer can be used by new and current customers.

If you use up data from any of the O2 Spolu tariffs, you can buy additional 2 GB for CZK 249. The additional data that you bought and didn’t use gets transferred to the next month.

Detailed terms and conditions of the O2 Spolu tariff usage can be found in the mobile calls pricelist (CZ only).


If you do not have O2 TV yet and and you get it new as part of O2 Spolu, you need to purchase a set-top box. You can pay for it in instalments – CZK 49 a month (for 48 months) or for CZK 2,352 in a one-off payment.


Entrepreneurs can make use of the O2 Spolu offer as well. However, this offer cannot be combined with the O2 PROfi or a General Agreement offer. We would like to point out that the O2 Spolu offer includes a classic O2 TV, which is meant for private use only. It is not an O2 TV Business service, which can be used for public screening.

Tariffs and a list of channels of O2 TV in O2 Spolu

O2 TV Bronze - 63 TV channels = basic offer channels + O2 TV Bronze channels

O2 TV Silver - 101 TV channels = basic offer channels + O2 TV Bronze channels + O2 TV Silver channels

O2 TV Gold - 134 TV channels including HBO  = basic offer channels + O2 TV Bronze channels + O2 TV Silver channel + O2 TV Gold channels

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